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PD Ballroom Fitness™ - Annnualy Membership PD Ballroom Fitness™ - Annnualy

Award-winning patented dance concept, making a significant impact on individuals with Parkinson's.

Your membership comes with:

  • Training at home when you have time with one of Europe's best instructors.

  • More than 40 dance lessons in all kinds of tempos, styles, and rhythms

  • Ongoing new dance videos

  • Comprehensive warm-up program, balance training, and walking exercise program

  • An invite to our exclusive community where we engage directly with our members

  • Option to use a computer, tablet, or smartphone to stream dance videos

  • Technical support to help you get started with dancing

  • Live streams

  • Join Swingtimes' membership list and receive early notifications about upcoming Parkinson's dance trips and events

  • Renewed energy and joy from the moment you watch a dance video

  • Extra downloadable materials

  • Purchase 12 months and save 20%.

    There's no commitment and you can cancel any time!

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€249.00/year after trial